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Anyone want to see the women's quilted BCDR? Just screwin around in Central Park. My gf got this jacket a week or so ago. First impressions: nice, supple black leather. Not nearly as thick as the first (or 2nd?) generation moto of mine from a few years ago, but that wouldn't really make sense on a jacket so small. She was a little surprised that the quilting on the arms didn't go further down like the model, but I think Drew mentioned that, and I think on a tiny person like her (she's 5'1"), this looks better anyway. This is her first leather and she likes it a lot so far. I think it's gonna be a huge piece of her wardrobe going forward. I measured her body and sent it into Charly. All the measurements look good although she wanted it longer (my mistake, not Charly's). I think that changes how she's gonna wear it, but I don't think it's going to be a dealbreaker for her.