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Day 30-ish So it's been a good month and a lot has changed. I oiled the jacket about two weeks ago after wearing it around the house for two weeks. The oil changed the jacket significantly, but I'd say for the better. Application technique is hard to get down right, but you have enough jacket to figure it out. I found that a heavy coat first, followed by a medium-light coat to blend blotchy areas, worked best, but the entire process took about 4 hours of oiling and buffing and an 8oz can of mink oil. I saw pics of another VTG MDR wearer in Australia who did a double coat of oil and a suntan. I think it looks better without the suntan right now, but it's not like I can tan it (NYC just got it's first snow of the Winter). This past weekend; I threw a double coat of Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP on it, which darkened the color a tiny bit, evening out the tone, and softened the jacket up significantly. It is a bit tacky feeling still, but I think I'm done messing around with products until the end of Summer. A few comments though. This jacket really is a process. It's been about a month of heavy wear and I finally feel like 80% of the jacket is wearable. The chest and back need to break in now, but since I don't sit down in my jacket all that often, these areas will be the hardest. Since 90% of my outdoor time is spent on the subway, the jacket has picked up some dirt, but that's easily removed with a wet cloth. Oiling and the LP brought out a lot of the character in the leather; for example I have an awesome barb wire scar across the right shoulder and the remnants of, what I think is, a birthmark on the chest. The convertable cuffs are killing me ATM. The veg-tanned leather is way too stiff for the cuffs to be all that functional. I've busted out of the cuffs plenty of times just reaching for things, and it's a bit too tight to wear on the first snap with a watch, but too lose on the second snap. I'm hoping the cuffs will relax a bit more and let me wear it on the first snap, but we will see. Also, the vents/vent blocker piece need to break in more as well, I hope, since right now they look uncomfortably rigid in comparison to the rest of the jacket. Since the jacket is so stiff, I've also busted a couple of threads on the cuff and zipper, which leads me to my only aesthetic comment. White zippers and white threading? I think black would have been the better solid color choice, or at least a cotton based thread (I believe cotton threads "age" with the fabric). I have a feeling in two years, the white stiching will look funny against the darker leather, but maybe by then the jacket will need to be resewn anyways. See you in the Summer.