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day 5 (3 pix) drew wasn't kidding when he said to break the jacket in at home with a hoody on; i found myself slouching at work because my shoulders hurt from trying to break the shoulders of the jacket in. the whole break in process has made me really...aware of how i move. it's really easy to tell from how the jacket breaks in. you can already kind of tell that the sleeves and the chest have loosened up the most, but the real killer are the shoulders and collar. i've resorted to playing with them by hand to get some sort of proper drape in the upper chest, but this is going to take at least another week or two. everything else is super nice; the fit is really coming together. i still can't wear it unzipped without the drape looking funny, but that will settle in time. soon to come: day 10: how my vtg drank 8oz of mink oil (still need to condition, but whoaaaa the game has changed).