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toj vtg minimalist double rider

It???s veg tan calf leather, no color in it. Which means: a) you can oil and tan it and wear it in honestly, just like a Redmoon wallet (except whereas a Redmoon is all round, this jacket will look better creased up and darkened on all the high points) b) you can color it yourself/have it colored to whatever shade you want. Not recommended for everybody, just people who tend to like arts and crafts and doing projects like this, but people who were wanting a weird color with an object-dyed finish ??? here???s your ride. Some other things: -it???s heavy. It???s not actually as heavy as say, black calf, but it???s still really heavy. -it???s very stiff. It can stand up on its own. It needs oiling down with conditioner or just straight vegetable oil, with a good suntan. This is not a jacket you want a slim fit in, or you will slice your arms off at the elbows when you bend them, it???s painful. It???s a hardcore jacket. Most people won???t understand this, but if you don???t listen to my sizing advice when it comes to this jacket, you might end up with an unwearable jacket if you get it too slim. For slim fit jackets, there are the other leathers. Not going to offer the veg tan in anything but the designated styles for that reason. The style itself: Minimal DR, without zips in the pockets, or the cuffs, no snaps on the lapels. The cuffs are the convertible cuffs that open, but they???re held closed with snaps, so that the opening bow a little once it softens up. The idea was to create something that will look like an old 1930???s leather jacket if you wear it in and get the veg tan aged looking. Also, the MDR is a modern looking base and the cut is 2011 and not 1930, so if you object dyed it the way you wanted to, it???d look pretty abstract that way as well. Plainer is better, in this case. Yeah it depends on your lifestyle and how much you wear it. It???s like a sponge and it will pick up color everywhere, which is good, think of how dark those Red Moons get in a year ??? but indeed, the best ones are the 1930???s jackets I???ve seen that are amber colored, with darkened elbow accordions and stuff. I think a good policy is to make it something you wear all the time, doing work, going out to messy places, and you should costantly touch it, get your finger oils on it. It???s akin to wearing in dry denim, except where you are trying to lose color in denim and get whiskers and contrast, etc, you???re putting color into these jackets. There is a collared Moto (I don???t know if I will call it a Moto or what, but it???s collared and fairly similar to the old CM) in the veg tan coming too. Dan is sending the samples to me in Japan and I plan to mess around with them, see what they do. The veg tan leather is pretty expensive as you can imagine ??? a little leatherworker-made wallet is well over $100, and the material content in a wallet is nothing. As a leather jacket ??? pretty high. There will also be a banded collar Moto jacket. Design details are not set in stone yet, still deciding on zippers and hardware, but those aren???t changes that I think people will have a hard time imagining, if they are different from the sample. Nice thing about leather, vs denim ??? as you wear it hard and try to get it to age, all you gotta do is wipe it down or air it out, and it doesn???t get too funky like denim does. If you keep oiling the veg tan, it???ll be waterproof as hell too.