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Forged in the darkest fires of Mt. Tojikawa, this jacket gives +15 to armor and +??? to swag. Made from undyed, vegetable-tanned calfskin, it was stitched together, hide by hide, in purest dark, so that those laboring over it it did not lose their minds when they looked upon it. One of the most impressive pieces of clothing I own. Heavy stitching, solid metal hardware, and a truly unique patina. This jacket will continue to darken and soften with wear. In ten years it will be amazing. Right now, it's probably at the softness level of new TOJ calfskin (although I have never handled that), and will continue to mold to the wearer's body. I have oiled it a couple of times, and given it one coat of obenauf's for water resistance, but I haven't put enough wear on it to really see more than a little bit of creasing. It is honestly closer to some crazy artisanal CCP piece than your usual TOJ CM. This leather is no longer available, and makes the jacket pretty special. I'm not entirely sure I want to sell it, but I tend to reach for softer things when I go out, and could certainly use the money. Ironically, I wasn't worthy either. It makes me pretty sad, but all things must pass. A good jacket for bikers and rough-wearers; I think this thing could stop a train.*