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Dellath and I both have used Obernauf's HDLP on our VTGs, but it's a VTG-only deal. Calf doesn't need it since calf is already basically waterproof. I did Lexol my other jacket, which is calf, a few weeks back. It did feel a little less dry afterwards, but I might Lexol it again tonight. VTG update while I'm here: it's softened up nicely. One initial rubdown with moisturizer early on, one application of Obernauf's HDLP, and a lot of wear. Not getting noticeably tanner than the last pics I posted, but it's so gradual, and I don't get outside during the daytime enough. The last thing to break in seems to be the cuffs, which are still awkward when I'm trying to do stuff with my hands. Because the cuffs are an inside and outside leather surface, folded over at the seams, they're 4 times as thick as the rest of the jacket at the opening. and then there's this part, where the button flap is sewn into there, making it six layers