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veg tan moto, almost 1 year in. It didn't get worn at all over the summer (I was in a tank top and underpants), although it did get oiled once or twice. It's looking better and better, although it's a bit stiff right now, and I think it could use another coat of obenauf's. It's really strange in that it sort of toes the line between "second-skin comfortable" and "armor-like bondage device." I'm often too faint of heart to wear it, since I love the supple softness of the lamb and calf suede jackets, but I'm certainly never unhappy to put it on. The personality of the leather is only getting more pronounced as it ages, and I find the spots, discolorations, and visible grains very appealing - it also really is a constant reminder that you are wearing the skin of a dead animal. I suppose the main issue is that it doesn't get that much sun, or that much wear, so it's definitely going to be a multi-year process to get it to the point even that Dellath is at with his. It has already turned into sort of a good 'ol standby at this point, which is nice - don't know what to wear? Raw jawnz, raw jacket. I mean, it's not quite baseball-jacket-throwonable, but it's definitely a sort of coddling piece. Which is interesting, actually, because if you think back to Temple Grandin's squeeze machine, it's a bit weird to be soothed by getting squeezed by the skin of a dead animal that was probably...soothed by getting squeezed before it was killed.