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The VTG CM showed up today unexpected. Tracking was 12 hours behind. I got home after work to find my gf and my jacket just hanging out in the living room. She had no idea what was in that gray bag. Well, this thing is a monster. The idea that it has these buckles on the sides is laughable. You will not make this leather do anything it doesn't want to. it's noisy as hell, bright white; it looks like the thick leather was a bitch to stitch into a jacket, and the collar needs shaping, but fuck, this beast is beautiful. and of course, it stands up on its own. sorry about my shitty cam pics. I'm gonna meet up with a real camera later this week. I got a pm from TACO_FLAVORED_KISSES regarding my thoughts on the VTG, my body vs. my jacket measurements, asking me to rate the VTG's level of discomfort, and my thoughts on Drew's comment about it being like breaking in raw denim. I just decided I'd post my response here since it seemed like a good review in general. It is long, so if you don't care about the VTG stuff, just skip this. I think Drew's comment about it being like raw denim is probably right, except it's like a really noisy, squeaky pair of raw denim. That has me curious about the guy who said that hitting it with body lotion would quiet it down, but I'm finding this whole "just use regular body lotion" thing a little offputting. How do I determine that a lotion is "low fat/low oil" like I'm being recommended? That means basically nothing to me. I'd love a brand/product recommendation or a recommendation of what ingredients to look for or avoid. I think I'm gonna wait it out and see what people treat it with and what that looks like before I treat mine with anything. I'd say that the VTG is not terribly uncomfortable, but it is like armor. All its internal bits are vegetable-tanned leather too, so it is stiff outside and in, and you can feel the construction of it pretty clearly if you run your hands across the cupro lining. If I were walking around all day, I wouldn't really notice it being a trouble, and I'd rate it something like a 3/10 discomfort in that setting. But it is heavy and stiff, and it does push you around, though I haven't found any bruises on me. The jacket gets in the way when you try to sit with it zipped up--the collar rises around your neck--or any time you try to get to your belt. I wore it for about five hours at work yesterday before I got tired of trying to fight it as I reached for things or tried to do small mouse motions while sitting. Of course, then I got home and wore it for another few hours--it's a trouble you want to come back to. If you size it right like I did, I'd say it's at its worst a 5/10 discomfort "right out of the totebag." If you size it wrong, who knows what this thing'd be like, probably something like a straight jacket. As it stands, it's not like my movement is constricted in the jacket; it's just that I have to push a little harder or withstand a little more discomfort than I did when I broke in my now-year-old brown calf bomber, a jacket which in comparison, by the way, feels like a breeze to wear now. Also, this zipper has a learning curve to it. An aside: yesterday, the collar poked my sister (the photographer) in the face pretty good when we went in for a hug. As for fit and any changes; I first must say that Drew, who sized me in that period when he was sizing everyone, before Charly came back, was thankfully patient with me as we discussed inch or half inch adjustments back and forth. I was asked about my measurements vs. the jacket measurements, but here's the thing: while I would maybe take a little mid measurement out of this jacket, and add half an inch or an inch to sleeve lengths, I cannot determine what the jacket actually measures because the fucker will not lie flat for measurement. It is full of bends and curves that make determining the actual measurements on the jacket impossible. So I can't really tell you what it measures to compare it to my body, which is a little nonstandard anyway. Based on the fit we got from Bows1 recently, my favorite TOJ fit ever, ( http://toj-gallery.com/main.php?g2_itemId=9340 ) I'd say your best bet is to give Charly your body measurements as they come out when using the guide and let him size you. And it'll go faster than the back-and-forth that I put Drew through. Here are some other bits and pieces I've noticed: 1. the only part that's been beginning to tan so far is inside the collar, where my neck is rubbing against it all day. 2. I'm a little concerned by how "thirsty" the jacket is--it sucks up rainwater, and I'm sure that's not the best thing for it. I guess I'll wear my bomber or my harrington on rainy days until I see how other people's VTG treatment methods are going. 3. Based on some of the somewhat rough stitching on the jacket, I wonder how hard it is to construct this thing. I imagine the machine and the leather must fight the tailor--do we have a name for these folks?--all the way. 4. In terms of styling, until this thing turns brown, it is way more rock & roll than the bomber, and as a bomber guy, it changes my style up a bit. The Drew Keith t-shirt & beaten denim uniform works here and is my go-to setup for it, but I've gotta spend some time trying to work out how else to style it. Sweaters like the Bows1 one above would do fine too, and untucked button ups in solid colors should work I guess. I guess you kind of have to think "simple, but baller" when picking out what to wear with it.