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Weird pic to show the difference in this leather after an oiling and a suntan, before and after basically. This is barely phase 1, the jacket on the right is as above, but it???s still young and I???d probably give it more oil before wearing it out, if it were me. It???s like wearing brand new 21oz+ raw denim, when it bends it will pinch the insides of your arms if you size it too close, the same way new raw denim does the backs of your legs when you sit down. I have marks on the insides of my arms right now because I was wearing that with a tee and it was bone dry and stiff and needed an oiling really. I recommend people wear it in at first with a cheap sweatshirt or something that they are okay washing, because the light oils will rub off on your skin and inner layers, and then once the sleeves are flexible it???ll be better to wear. BTW, I neatsfoot oiled the pictured jacket, this thing just absolutely drinks oil. I think it gets better over time as it???s the third time I???ve oiled it, but that oil just goes and and then disappears pretty much, until you???ve got it well saturated ??? it actually gets a lot heavier as it drinks the oil up. It???s why I mentioned people who are thinking of getting one should be DIY-minded people, or guys who enjoy the idea of sitting around feeding it oil once in awhile, and maintaining it to get it to age, much like the kind of guys who would enjoy sitting at home polishing shoes in their quiet time or something. It???s something that actively requires attention at first to get it on the right path. Once it???s fed well, worn a bit and glazed so that the pores are covered, it???ll be mostly maintenance free and the aging will start coming on rapidly I think.