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toj vtg collared moto 2

It???s pretty pale actually, dark bathroom iPhone pic there. Putting it on and trying to get it to bend a bit, I realized that you need to be a pretty hearty type to wear this jacket. As I said, it needs to fit a bit boxy, and the sleeves can???t be too tight, you???ll bruise the insides of your arms if you do that. It???s not for the soft guys who buy something and sell it two weeks later either, this is something very different. It???s like raw jeans in that it???s gonna change a lot over time, and the initial fit and look are kind of sacrifices for a better looking future. It???s somewhat odd looking at first. In the same way that raw denim suits a lot of people and it???s fun to wear in, but a slow process, this jacket is the same. It???s classical but obviously the cut is modern. You could wear it with cowboy boots and not look weird, you could wear it with white vans. It???s the most basic of leather jackets and yet it is something more than that because of it.