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Diesel Blue T3 arrived. Love it. I opted for Bemberg lining on this one having had the standard cotton lining on my medium grey T1 which I have found to be just a little too abrasive i.e. when you put it on it snags and pulls whatever you're wearing underneath. However, I think it may be smoothing out with wear. Aaaanyway, the Bemberg in this T3 completely solves that issue and slides on so, so easily. It also makes the jacket noticeably more lightweight. I could wear this on a hot/warm day but my T1 is much more spring than summer. Kicking myself for forgetting to add the extra .5" to the sleeves which I had for my perfectly sized T1...oh well, not a huge issue. Excuse the iphone mirror pics. No way am I asking my wife to take pictures of me so I can show people on an internet forum.