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TOJ Slim Trousers

Some rough photos of the slim trousers, still trying to get a clear day with some light for these things... wish I had a donk and a colabear-approved cockbulge to really fill these pants out and show the shape better, but this will have to do... front and side: These things have been a real pain in the ass to photograph, not only because they're black, but also because all things I'd like noticed about them just don't come out on camera, whether it's the fit or the handwork on the interior (also all-black)... Anyway, as you can see, they're pretty slim. that's a 6.9" hem, about 16.25" across the waistband laid flat in the sample; they're meant to be worn about where you would wear jeans or just a tad higher, like a little below the hip bones - so the waist on these will measure a bit more than your true waist, and not correspond with any jean sizes or anything - you just have to measure your hips around.