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Intermission: Finally got around to making my friend's motorcycle jacket, we were trying to combine a slightly vintage look with a modicum of safety - he has a Royal Enfield with a sidecar and so he can't be wearing Dainese tron-type jackets, but at the same time he was too paranoid about safety to just get a non padded Perfecto or something... so I worked something up for him using what already existed, and it fits that bill. It'll never be a Moto GP kind of jacket where you can slide for miles in it and have it look the same when you get up, it's leather - but we combined old-school leather jacket style in nice leather with modern safety pads, and I think that's good for what it is and trying to be. Not sure if we'll make any more of these, because this guy is my friend going back like 10 years, and we don't have normal access to these D30 dilitant foam crash armor. I'd have to make an account with them and I don't like doing stuff like that. A few details: -Normal TOJ 2010 Moto exterior style, FQHH -nylon mesh lining, and mesh pocket bags - when the pockets are unzipped, there will be some amount of ventilation hopefully -d3o dilitant foam crash armor, which is very slimline yet provides superior protection over old style foam armor. Anyway, the pics: the d3o dilitant guards are very slim, they hardly show through the jacket like normal crash armor does: