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Took me long enough, but here's pics and some thoughts on my FQHH Moto. Unzipped (think it looks much better than zipped) I should not have gone with extended length, in my opinion. As you can see in the pics, when I zip the jacket up, it tends to bunch up a little right above the waist (probably because I have a big ass). Either that, or I needed to adjust the waist as well. I'm hoping this will become a little less prominent with wear, but we'll have to see. Also, be aware that horse leather, I've been told, generally comes with a lot of "character", such as scars, etc. I've also been told by Charly that contrary to the calf and lamb, I should plan to condition this thing semi-regularly. Overall, super psyched about the jacket. You can see that it fits pretty damn well and has an awesome color. Definitely going to take a lot of wear to break it in, but I'm looking forward to putting in the work.