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Got my minDR black lamb, gunmetal zips, today. BOOM! If you're on the fence about TOJ, do yourself a favor and go measure yourself and put an order in. The jackets fits like a glove--it's as if it was made for me (go figure?). Opening the bag (triple bagged), I smelled the leather instantly. The leather is so soft--I really can't imagine a higher quality. The jacket is very well constructed. It's not heavy, but not light--just perfect. The convertible cuffs are so damn cool--very nice touch. Housekeeping notes: I'm 5'7", 160lbs, 17.5 S2S, 40" chest, 33 waist. This is a 48, tapered and shortened. Thanks to Charlie--love the fit. Just note that when doing your measurements, give them as much info as possible. I'm a TTS medium and based off measurements from shirts that fit me well like Gitman, W+H, etc, we started at a 47 shortened. However, when I told him my S2S and chest measurements, I was bumped up to a 48. I don't think a 47 would have fit, even with the gussets. TLDR version - fock yes, awesome jacket, tyvm TOJ!