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Yesterday was like Christmas, waking up to two packages delivered by the mailwoman. One of them being a long (but worth it) five month wait for my TOJ Men's Band Collar Double Rider - the quality is flawless. I'm sad this is the end, but I'm glad I could be one of the final customers. I'm also almost certain my jacket was the one featured on the TOJ tumblr four days ago; extra dope. I just wanted to share my enthusiasm with all of you in the forums. Supple... (Sorry about the dirty mirrior...) Thanks for the kind words everyone and thanks Risky for the help. I don't know much about the difference between lamb and calf, but from wearing my jacket I can tell you that it is definitely heavy and super dense. Every time I put it on, I feel as if I'm a samurai putting on his armor before a fight (which is how I intended it, hence the channel quilt)