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Please excuse the purple dress, just using the full length mirror happy.gif First Impressions: The quality is great, as expected. I really love how soft the body was and the color is just how I wanted it to be. The leather accents the medium grey nicely and I like how the horn toggle leather was much thicker and stronger than the pocket trim leather, the toggles will last long. YKK zipper looks rugged and dependable, although it sorta get stuck at the very top somehow...maybe it just needs to be broken in just a bit. Polyfill quilted lining does its job, much thinner than I imagined however...will definitely add good warmth when layered. Fit: Okay so I spoke with Charly, I think?, through the emails and we decided on a Large with 27 inch arms....I based the sizing off the fact that my size 50 TOJ1 was a bit tight in the chest, this one turned out much better in the chest. I am however not sure why the arms are around 28 inches, was it even altered? As such I had to fold the arm cuffs by an inch to get it to the right length. I also felt the arms could have been a "tad" slimmer but that is a minor issue since I intend to be wearing sweaters underneath. Final thoughts: A good second TOJ item for me and it will be a good addition to my wardrobe. I look forward to seeing what Drew, Charly, and Dan have to offer for Spring. I definitely have my eye on an A2 Bomber in brown in the future!