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Long awaited DRs came in. I ordered both the men's and the girl's DR. Unfortunately i won't be able to take fit pics of my girlfriend's DR until later. I also had a hard time finding a hanger to fit the girl's DR so pics of it will also have to wait. First impressions: Took 2 days to get from S. Korea to NYC. Jackets came together neatly packaged in heavy duty grey shipping bags. I was kind of worried about opening the bags with a scissors afraid to accidentally nicking the leather so i carefully did that. Upon opening the first bag the second i touched the leather i was instantly satisfied. I thought the leather on my WV 1.5 was supple and soft but wow. Really is something you have to feel in person. AMAZING. nothing short of that du's orgasmic review couple pages back. The fit: One word. PERFECT. I shouldn't have doubted Charly, i have to admit i was a little iffy about the measurements. I decided to size down one from a 48 to a 47 (i own a size 48 v.1 DR as well.) Shoulders are perfect sleeve length and body length just as i desired (roughly 2 inches added to both aspects.) i think the side angle shot of my fit best exemplifies it. Quality: Zippers are very nice. What i noticed was that the zippers on my calf DR (v.1) had a tugging resistance. non-existant in this version. Leather is ridiculously soft, would expect to be paying much more for the quality.