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I never put this up because I don't actually own the varsity or suede DR (in that model) anymore, but TOJ really had a great run, and it always makes me happy when I get to wear the pieces I own. The ivory moto was actually my first order - in hindsight a terrible idea, and there's proof in the gallery if anyone cares to look (please don't). Synth once asked me why I chose to buy myself a black leather jacket, and I remember giving him a really shitty answer, so I'm going to try to revisit it a bit in a slightly roundabout way right now. After my first misstep with the ivory moto (though to be entirely clear I love it now), I decided I had to get a black lamb jacket and try the best of what TOJ had to offer. This was almost a year and a half ago - a little late to the game - but I loved it as soon as I opened the package. It is literally so easy to put on a leather in TOJ's signature black lamb and look amazing with almost 0 effort. That, in my eyes, is one of its greatest strengths and something Drew's nailed down with many of his designs. Nowadays my suede 2010DR is vying for the position of my favorite TOJ but I've never had a true miss with any of TOJ's products. I know the wait sucks, and people who have just jumped on board recently don't really have the kind of long relationship with Drew and TOJ that some of the "fanboys" in the thread have, but there really is a reason he's built up such a large following over the years and all I can tell you is sit tight and just wait quietly - you won't be disappointed. Thanks Drew, wish you nothing but success with your new restaurant.