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Nice jacket WE350B. Just how a bomber should fit. I wish my sleeves on my CWU45P fit like that out of the box. I bought a used 2.2 A2 Bomber that was a stock 44, and I really liked the fit so I asked for those measurements on my CWU45P as opposed to just measuring the A2 or me. My A2's arms are generally about half an inch wider and maybe a bit more than half an inch longer(at least with the leather, probably about an inch with the ribbing). Since the CWU45P's body fits a lot better after wearing it today with a hoody under, I'm guessing the arms just need some breaking in. Regardless, this jacket is pretty dope, way better than the original MA-1 I used to have. I also like that it doesn't feel out of place with beat up jeans and canvas chucks, as its probably how I'm gonna wear it most of the time. I'm pretty happy I nagged Drew about making a leather version of the flight jacket side of the TOJ1