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TOJ in Tokyo This really is the coolest thing I've ever bought. Still stretching in this pic and there's a Kindle in my chest pocket so its bulging a bit. Arms are super, super slim. If I wear a sweatshirt or medium sweater its a little hard to bend my elbow and then rotate my shoulder forward but its not meant to be a winter coat. Anyway, you can survive any weather in a scarf. Also got an oxford but unfortunately I'm pretty sure its too long and it will have to go up on BS. With all the talk of TOJ being for slim Asians, the upper back, chest, and torso fit me better than any order made shirt I have. It looks like it was laser cut for my body. Unfortunately, I can fold the cuffs back on themselves and still have the sleeves reach my wrists and the body is ~2 inches longer than a Uniqlo oxford. Just bad luck that my chest and back measurements bump me up to stock sleeve measurements for a much taller person. I feel cool about it though because the Uniqlo oxfords this season fit me real well so I just bought a big stack of them. If you've been holding off on buying a Jacket, just do it. Every day that I dragged my feet about dropping the cash was a day that was less awesome than it could have been. I am genuinely considering buying a second copy. Bury it in the park in a time capsule in case something happens to this one.