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Black Fishtail was delivered to me during the summer. It's still a few months until I'll wear it. I thought it was difficult to decide between M and L. I was afraid M could be very slim and womanly, and that L could be too big. I went for L and lengthened the sleeves and body length. When I first put it on I didn't like the fit of it, thought it was way to big to actually wear. Especially with the long body length. In the picture where I hold my arms up it's easy to see how much wider than me it is. I've started to come around to it now. I've had it on a few times just to wear it. I've noticed that it can be a bit tight over the shoulders in the same way as my toj1 when picking something up, so M could be too small there. I'd still be worried about it being awkward to walk with in M, that it's a bit longer than necessary would contribute..When open it doesn't look as big. I was expecting it to look bigger with jeans since they're a bit tighter, but since the knee stacks fall down below the knee it doesn't make the coat look that long. I'm a bit disappointed with how shallow the pockets are, I was expecting deeper. Hood is great, nice and big. The new leather smell is close to your nose. Fur is also nice. Solid construction as usual. I think it will be warmer than my other winter jackets. Would recommend. I justified buying it to have something longer than a sportcoat or suit jacket in the winter unlike my other winter jackets. It's long enough and I think I'll start liking it more and more in the future. When I first got my toj1 it took a while to get used to the varsity side, I didn't like it that much. Now I love it and I'm thinking about how I could change the bomber side to a smooth lining. That's the same way I think I'll come around to the fishtail. I'm not that good at taking pictures. I tried taking a clearer picture. This one is a bit yellow but you can see more than a shadow. It doesn't look as long from this angle, maybe it's just a top down view thing. I can't always tell how well things fit without a mirror and from first person perspective. The pose is a bit of a joke, but it also shows that I'd look silly walking around town like that. Thanks for feedback.