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Just picked up my fishtail parka from the post office. Holy Jesus this thing is so warm I already took out the liner. The only thing I don't like is that the fur is coming off and getting all over the place. I'll post up some pics later when I get home. Gonna go pick up this week's comics and bahn mi first. UPDATE: So here's some photos of me wearing it. I didn't even bother trying to snap some actual photos as this thing is so huge and the only real way to capture it would be to throw it on my floor which still needs to be swept. The details on it are everything I've expected from Drew's military pieces, and I think you guys are sleeping on his military inspired stuff. I don't really see the point in buying from a repro brand with TOJ around unless you're a collector. It's extremely oversized on me, which I get. It's a fishtail, but I do wish the upper arms were a tad slimmer though. The body size is great though since it's big enough for me to keep a girl nice and warm with wink.gif But yeah, it's pretty ridiculous and I kinda love that. When I went to the vietnamese coffee shop everyone had to stop and look. I can only imagine what's gonna happen when I head to Trader Joes in a bit. On a semi related side note, I wish I hadn't my cut my hair even though everyone thinks I look better sans samurai knot, including the girl who got me so upset that I cut it. I think it would have went with driveslowk's description of this jacket when it first dropped: that futuristic jedi grandpa steez frown.gif