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After two months of waiting, cracked pepper fishtail arrived. Size small, slightly lengthened. I'm 6" (182.8 cm) ~140 lbs. (63 kg) for reference. The hood is definitely a bit big, but like a knit cap you can just pull it back and have it rest on the top of your head. Another note is that the liner folds in on itself if you're not wearing many layers beneath it. In the unzipped photo all I have is a sport shirt underneath so the liner sort of ripples and juts out as you can see on the right in the pic, its not really a problem just something worth noting. The fabric is really lightweight but as soon as you put it on it takes just a few seconds to feel how warm and insulated it is. Because its so lightweight its a little difficult to button the collar up because it folds in on itself. The liner was also stitched in places with navy threads which isn't a problem at all just something I found worth noting. As for the oversized fit, its not an outrageous difference and imo it looks and feels very natural for this type of coat. These are just what I thought the possible concerns for people may be, overall its one of the best purchases I've made since Ocarina of Time.