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Hang the DJ

I'm sitting here with my Double Rider in washed lamb with hidden snaps, let's get down to business. -The leather is shockingly soft. I have a pair of gloves, butter soft to begin with then beat to hell, and they are the same softness. This is a jacket that if a girl touches it to get your attention, you're getting rubbed down. I keep touching it for my own enjoyment. Yeah, I said it. -The construction is solid. Very solid. No frayed threads, no visible stitch wasted. Looking at the pockets and sleeves, tight areas where it's necessary to fold over leather and get detailed stitches, I'm very impressed. Be glad he forced you to get the upgraded YKK zips -Listen to Dismal on sizing. The arms are very slim. The armholes are very high. If you lift at all, be wary. That said, I took his advice and I don't regret it. -The detailing and proportions of the detailing (e.g. collar size) are classic. The fit and fabrics are modern. If you wanted a modern update to the Schott Perfecto at a better price than even they can offer, buy this jacket.