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I basically asked Drew to make me a leather that looked like the jean shop moto. I double checked my own body against the measurements on the leather in size 47 (i first did 48 but i quickly told drew to switch to 47, a good move on my part). This matched well, I am very good with measurements now and know roughly how measurements translate to fit. The most important thing on this jacket is the s2s, and the rest will follow. Use your shirt sleeve length. I lengthened the body by an inch. To reinforce what has been said, don't mess with the pit to pit unless you are extremely confident. The jacket has tapered sides, which means even if its much bigger than your chest, it will still look fine. For reference, I have a 35.5" chest, 6'3" in height and I am wearing the 37. I could have probably gone with a 38 as well. 37 - north american version of 47, i live in canada so its habbit. I sized up on chest size. no modifications beyond +1 inch to length