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it's cow suede on the body, soft cowhide on the sleeves, trench coat material on the reverse side. No MA-1 pocket on the sleeves of the flip side anymore. The stripes on the trim are only on one side, the reverse is solid. It's gonna cost more. We aren't gonna make it with the varsity jacket people because I wanted something with really insane quality, and it's all leather, so it has to be made with the leather jacket makers, which costs a lot more. That, and the new materials combined, pushes it into the same cost range as the leather jackets, so the price will be $525 shipped. As with the leather jackets, they are made completely made to measure. Styling choices: -thin wool blend rib trim that can fold back as a shawl collar and cuffs, as with old TOJ0's/1's, a lot of colors -thicker wool blend chunky rib trim if you want it, a lot of colors -striped trim in limited colors (red, black, navy, or grey background with white or beige stripes) -1-way reversible zipper, to reverse to a TOJ1 -1 way non-reversible zipper with bar pull, non reversible jacket - traditional snaps, non reversible - traditional buttons, handsewn -color choices are plentiful. Body colors will be made in suede, sleeves in leather. If you want all-leather, that is doable too, but might cost a little more, as it's a full-leather jacket then. I do recommend suede on leather though, as you can get some really sick color combos going. Electric blue body with black sleeves. Red with white sleeves. Navy suede with whiskey vegetable leather sleeves, etc. A lot more possibilities than fabric offered. -If you don't want it reversible and want snaps, that is ok too. The lining would be sateen. Basically, this is a really customizable version of what we've done before, in a quality level and option set that we couldn't do until now. It's awesome.