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TOJ1 Review As I said before the TOJ1 is definitely an upgrade from the previous models and after wearing it yesterday and today I noticed a lot of small details that just put it on that next level of varsity goodness. First of all the ribbing is completely different to the older ones and I feel more substantial and will stay reasonably tight with less piling than the other kind. It really looks like the kind used on the Junya varsities but shaped like Balenciaga. Speaking of Balenciaga the body really has structure this time and I can???t help comparing it to the Balenciaga egg-shaped jackets as its not skin tight but has a distinct silhouette. Of course it???s not as extreme (which is a good thing) and is much more wearable. It???s less egg-shaped and more plated armor in structure. In terms of sizing and measurements, I ordered the stock 48 and it is perfect this time. My older TOJ1 was a bit short in the back and the sleeves but Drew has really stepped up his game and the body and sleeves are now perfect lengths. The sleeves are just as slim or maybe slimmer? than the older versions as some people are complaining but I am completely fine with it (because I stopped going to the gym). Of course I have to mention the Camo pattern which is just amazing. The digicamo looks much better than the bukkake stripes but thats just IMO. I haven???t tested how waterproof the camo fabric is but it looks like it will survive most showers. Finally, I???d like to note one amazingly small and subtle detail that I don???t think anyone has mentioned yet? (you saw it here first). I found it when I had my hands in the pocket and I felt something weird, so I pulled it out and it was a ToJ tag. It???s kinda funny because I was thinking to myself how the reversible jackets can???t show the tags and Drew must have been thinking this since the first ToJ and found a better answer than Junya (who just sticks his tags on the reversible side anyways). All in all its a great jacket and I promise to take some fit pics today. Just noticed two things I forgot to mention in my review. The zips are completely different to the pervious ones. I remember my biggest problem with the previous TOJ1 zips was the big chunky zip that would rattle like crazy because it had zipper pulls on both sides. The new one is just one pull that can be moved to the front or back and much sleeker. The zipper pull also has a nice piece of leather (which I accidentally undid) and its great. The second point was quite coincidental. I completely forgot about the side pockets on the ma-1 side! I???ve been putting it in the big pockets but I discovered the side pocket as I was putting away my phone and it by pure instinct that my hand went into the side pocket. Its so well hidden that its invisible and I would have probably never found it unless by accident. Now to find the hidden arm scythes (will get back to you on this one).