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In case anyone was wondering where this TOJ0AE went, it arrived about a week and half ago. I've been so slammed at work; I haven't had a chance to even take pictures of it (I will eventually though). It has a navy body, cream sleeves, navy/white ribbing, and white snaps. Impressions: I used to own the original Jason Bourne TOJ0 (which was a sz46 +1" sleeve/body length). Jason Bourne ultimately sized up and after a while, I sold the 46 + 1" to nicelynice. This TOJ0AE is also a sz46 +1" sleeve/body length. While the two jackets are very similar, there are some slight differences. The body fits pretty much the same... the difference is definitely in the sleeves. They're slightly roomier on the AE but still maintain a slim silhouette (I'd say somewhere between the TOJ0 and WV sleeves). Also, I'm not sure if anything different was done with the shoulders, but it seems to be easier to get my shoulders into the AE. The original took a little finagling before they were resting where they needed to be. I'm also glad the shoulder gussets didn't make the final cut. Unnecessary and disrupts the clean appearance. Also, I'm not sure if it's psychological or not, but the AE feels a little more substantial. The body and sleeve material seems to be the same, but maybe it's because the striped ribbing is thicker than the solid ribbing? The AE also came with significantly more substantial snap buttons than the original. I'm not sure if lining was customizable or not, but I prefer the solid black (or really dark navy) the AE came with. Feels silkier and has the added benefit of eliciting lechery when I put my hands in the pockets. I've only had this jacket in my possession a fraction of the time I owned the original, but I've already worn this one several times over. Cons: It was only a minor annoyance, but I had to spend a few minutes erasing pencil marks on the sleeves from where the patterns were traced. It was just carbon so who cares. Thanks again to Charly for making this transaction easy and painless.