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MA-1 Pics. Not the best but I know people want to see it Received my Wool MA-1! After being worried about sizing these last couple days Im happy to report that I got the fit perfect. (Sz 50 with 48 lengths). The jacket itself is wonderful. The suiting wool is extremely nice and the tiny herringbone gives it an interesting barely-visible pinstripe makes you double-take. Wearing to the train this morning garnered a ton of looks from people, even those that probably don't give a shit about fashion. There is a certain elegance to the design that makes it visually striking without being gaudy. The main zipper is huge and the silver stands out against the black fabric. The filling pays homage to the puffiness of the original design without crossing over into anti-fit territory. Im very happy with it and everyone else should buy one too. Believe me, the pictures dont tell the whole tale. It is so comfy, like wearing a cloud Im wearing quite a long tee. Its actually longer than my MDR, hits below my belt line. Mos def I wear it p much every day