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The peacoat is by FAR my favorite outerwear piece. The wool has a very nice feel to it. It's not SUPER soft/smooth, but in my experience, the really soft/smooth wool clothing tend to be thinner but this is much more substantial. I'd say the tradeoff is well worth it. It'll allow the coat to last years. On one hand, I was hoping the coat would be a little heavier/warmer, but on the other, I'm glad it's not as Seattle doesn't get extremely cold. Also, I was actually able to continue wearing it inside the bars last night without sweating. So it does a nice job both inside and outside. I'm not sure how it'd fair against say, NYC, but I can easily see wearing only this over a shirt in~25F. (You could probably still wear it up to 50-60F as well). It also has great wind protection - didn't feel that at all last night. I made changes on sleeve length, total length, and arm opening. I'm only 5'7" so I had .5" taken off the two lengths. I was afraid it still would be too long I thought Dis was basing his sizing off of people taller than me. But actually the length work great. If I stayed at stock lengths I doubt I'd go get that tailored...but I do prefer them where they fall now. (I have a feeling some might think my sleeve length is a little short, but I prefer it to hit just right past my wrist.) As for the arm opening, I had that slimmed down to about ~6.1" (.7" taken off) and feel like I could have gone slimmer if I wanted to. I know Dis said he didn't want to make the peacoat too slimming overall and made it wider there on purpose, but I feel like stock opening is TOO big. But I also have kind of small wrists. *shrug* The leather is so, so, so sick. Leather trim around the pocket holes makes it stand out. Also, the pockets themselves are partially lined with leather - that was totally unexpected, but very, very nice. Makes me want to keep slipping my hands in and out of my pockets just to rub against it since it's so soft. Then the leather behind the collar...amazing. With the collar popped, the peacoat just...wow. Haha, yea, I can't even describe it. Speaking of collar, the shape of it looks great. It's a very...I don't know the words..."powerful shape." You can tell that someone really thought out the cut of it. Regarding the fit - I'm actually a bit surprised about how well it fits me as I have some weird body proportions. 5'7", ~175 lbs (yea, you read it right, lol), but I can fit a small in most tops (38 in US, 46 in Euro sized) and I'm about a 30" waist. So I'm not really sure where my weight is, lol. But I know that I have large hips...so when the coat is fully buttoned up and I'm not standing straight up, it creases near the bottom where my hips are as it's being fanned out. The shoulders fit great, which was one of my larger concerns since I have relatively large shoulders for my body size. In a lot of coats, my arms feel really restricted, but I have a MUCH larger range of motion in this coat than others. So the design of the chest and shoulders was really well worked out. I do wish the armholes were a little bit higher. But again, Dis said he wasn't looking for a tight peacoat - so my wish is a bit counter his original plan. If I were to change things, it'd only be regarding pocket placement. They're in the perfect place when my coat is unbuttoned, but it feels a bit weird when buttoned up. I'd have placed them more lateral/away from the middle and a bit lower. This could just be a product of how I'm used to placing my hands in other jackets though. [b]Cliff notes summary: Coat is fucking amazing. This is by far my most expensive single piece of clothing, but I am so glad I bought it.[/b]