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Buying clothing on the internet - whether you're a hobbyist, collector, schmuck, or any combination of the three - is often a palm-sweating affair involving checking and re-checking one's bank balance, checking and re-checking an item's listing, and ultimately an almost-orgasmic left-click on some sort of "pay now" option. The most common regret I experience is the sense of having overpaid - whether or not it's true, one might feel led astray, misinformed, or even cheated. Sometimes you see something you wanted (and purchased) that made it all the way to -70% off, which can be just as infuriating. It's incredibly rare, then, that I feel that I've underpaid for an item. I bought this TOJ baseball jacket pretty much on a whim - it was a piece that had been bouncing around B&S for -months, I believe; in the colorway I would have chosen, in the exact size I would have ordered. Oh, and for about 50% off the MTM price! What was there to lose? One easy Styleforum transaction later (and only a week's wait! Thanks again to user pronxs), I'm now in possession of an absolutely terrific, boner-inducing sex jacket that has unquestionably demolished any expectations I had. This is a jacket for kings and heroes. This is a jacket that begs to be noticed and, like my black double-rider's jacket, begs to be touched. The suede is incredible thick and supple, the cuffs soft and comfortable, the liner impeccably smooth. This is a jacket made of snark, sarcasm, and the effortless ease that comes with pure sexuality. Sexual, is, in fact, probably the best way to describe it - it's difficult to explain, but the best costumes (as we all know) make you feel like you are what you're dressing up as - that, in some way, they emphasize a you-ness that makes them absolutely your own. That's what this jacket is like - a second skin, or the world's most comfortable suit of armor. Coddling, sensual - it is, in many ways, too good for words; so purely tactile that, without actually holding it in your hands, it's impossible to describe the way in which the thick suede and tough, chitinous buttons march hand in hand down your chest. It's almost silly - the suede is so meaty and the buttons so substantial that it's actually difficult to button; snaps or a zipper would be much more functional - but who gives a shit about functionality? I don't love Americana, and I don't love cuffed jackets, but it's hard not to appreciate the love that went into the design of this one. There's such beauty in its chunky, almost caricatured silhouette, that I'd never dream of changing anything - and the fruits of Drew's labor are jackets that, like this one, I could wear with almost anything in my wardrobe. I threw on my old, beat up blue jeans and a pair of vans for the sake of illustration, but I'd be happy wearing it with balenciaga, margiela, cloak - even rick, maybe - that's how versatile it is. All of these accolades, unfortunately, bring me back to my original point. I bought my first double-rider directly from TOJ, talked measurements with Charly, and ended up with what is really a perfect motorcycle jacket. I grabbed this one with no wait, no work, and half the scratch. To be honest, I feel a bit like I've cheated Drew - like I really ought to have ponied up the full price for it. The same TOJ details are there - impeccable materials, well-stitched seams, delicious patterning. Again, it's competing with jackets that retail for three or four times its own modest cost. These are all things that, personally, I would have enjoyed paying for - it's a simple jacket; a classic silhouette in classic materials with classic detailing - but the execution is on an almost a different plane of reality. There's no other way to put it - TOJ is, once again, batting way out of its league.