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Size testing. Is it in yet

Size test. ???is it in yet???? I was always wishing for a smaller, lighter bag that would hold my laptop snugger. If I had that, I would???ve traveled with 1 suitcase and 1 small bag, rather than trying to overstuff a duffle as a carry-on. Part of the weight problem of my 15??? MBP is the fact that if it???s not held securely then it moves around in the bag and makes it feel even heavier as you constantly adjust to correct it. both bags have shoulder straps but using them meant I???d have a torn up shoulder for days after every flight. The point of the Helmet Bag is not expressly for travel, it???s almost precisely between a tote and a softer, larger brief, and I???d prefer it carried by hand. Shoulder straps ruin the cleanliness of it, and to me, carried as a shoulder bag would look more feminine than carrying by hand like a brief/satchel. The size vanquishes any notions that it???s a purse, and it doesn???t contain the same design motifs that make man purses man purses. It???s actually way way more versatile than you guys are imagining - aesthetically I???d feel good pairing this with anything from my leather jacket or a wool casual coat, all the way to being laced up and dressed in a suit and tie to most jobs, or yes, as Synthese said, random pair of shoes and some clothes on a casual adventure. Perfect for the guys who do business casual but still care about how they look. Perfect for students who want something more respectable looking than a ratty plebe backpack or shitty nylon laptop bag. It???s pretty capacious, would fit any size laptop (in a sleeve) with ease, plus some more stuff. There???s also an easy open pocket on the back for newspapers or magazines. It???s hard to imagine off the top of your head, but just that back pocket alone takes another 1/2 to full one hide of leather. It???s leather over leather (you don???t really see inside the pocket but it goes all the way down.)