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My dark wine MA-1 just arrived too. I was on the fence because I knew I wanted an MA-1 since I saw Vickt's and I had been wanting an oxblood leather jacket for a while, but I was not sure about black ribbing (the only option). Very pleased with it. Can't compare with other TOJs and such as I don't have any (thanks, Drew). Lamb is a less substantial than my only other decent leather jacket, a 10sei0otto in oiled calf, but that was expected. Fit is pretty good with the jacket open but with a bit of bunching with it closed, although I think it'll good better after some time. It's a stock 49. And here's a pic which shows the colour a bit better (it's definitely overexposed and not that red IRL but well, the camera was an iPhone 4). Also, no "veins" anywhere to be seen