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Got my brown goatskin moto this morning, 20 days from ordering on 9/3. Impressions: quality identical to TOJ. New interior zipped pockets are a nice touch, as is the option to get tab zippers on the pockets. Brown goat is great and though "unglazed", is pretty similar to the glazed black goat I have on a TOJ A-2. Huge fan of goat personally, find it to be lighter and more luxurious than the lamb and at the same time more solid feeling. One issue is that the jacket is pretty stiff/wrinkled out of the box, so would probably need a couple of wears to soften up and drape properly. I think this is the issue with the other poster who posted a black goat Falcon DR earlier that had some wrinkling on the sides. Quick pics below in case anyone is wondering about the shade of brown. It's a quite dark brown though definitely not "virtually black" like the TOJ brown goatskin.