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Jacket arrived! Paid on the 26th of January, jacket shipped on the 5th. On the 6th it was already in my country and then 16 days to my home, customs really suck in my country. On top of that, they charge you 24 euro just for handling the package (NOT in taxes/duties). Enfuriating. It's a DR4 in diesel blue calf suede with silver ball and chain zippers, rear facing sleeve zippers and shoulder gussets. I went with the original sizing Charly recommended for this same jacket 2 years ago and that never arrived. It's close to a stock 49. Sizing is spot on except perhaps for the sleeves, that seem too short? They are 25'' and I'm 5'11 and never thought I had particularly long arms. Anyway not worried in the slightest about that. Some more crappy pics, with a bonus one next to my dark wine MA-1 (also Falcon).