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Hey guys. I also ordered my jacket on Sept 30 and received it a month later on Oct 30. My thoughts on the lamb are almost identical to what ji992 had said. I also happen to live in LA so I'm not as disappointed as I should be as it would be more wearable throughout the year. Would also like to note that the lamb is super buttery and oh so comfortable to wear. It does feels frail though but I don't plan to ride or do anything stupid with it. The nicks/scratches don't bother me but I am afraid of getting rips. I actually like the front facing zippers so no complaints there. I do wish the sleeves were a bit longer but then that's my problem as I opted for stock size 47. I do prefer longer sleeves like my rick so it's more preference than anything. Next time I order, I'll be doing m2m. Also, the only veins I can notice are the ones on top of my back but despite some flaws, a definitely happy purchase.