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Just got my calf DR1 today (size 44). Really well made, leather is thick and heavy. Seems to fit pretty well right out of the box. I'm really disappointed with rear facing zippers being announced 5 days after placing my order. I contacted Falcon the day of the announcement at the possibility of altering my order. I was told it was too late because the hides were cut already as they try to complete orders as fast as possible. That's awesome, I'm all for that. With that understanding, I offered to pay extra to replace the sleeves on the original jacket with a new set with rear facing zippers. However, even that wasn't possible. Maybe I'm being unreasonable, but at this price point I think there should have been some sort of accommodation (especially since this is a stock sized jacket). I'll be selling this jacket at a loss in order to buy another jacket with rear zippers. It's been worn once for size. Pm me if anyone is interested.