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quick fit pics in the woods while I'm at it (keep in mind that the jacket's brand new and the calf isn't broken in yet) My first impression is that it's really nice leather, easy to recommend. Considering that I was a bit hesitating if I should wait for FQHH that may or may not be available later on, I'm really happy that I didn't wait. That's how nice I feel it is. With just a few hours of wear it already started to feel like "my jacket" and I have a feeling that it'll break in beautifully. I guess that what I'm trying to say is that right out of the box it's not even nearly as soft as lamb or goat is, but definitely not overly stiff either. Looking forward to see how it ages. That's right, and it's because I have a relatively long arms and short torso. In those pics the NAG's t-shirt is quite long for me (29"), which probably makes it look even more cropped than it really is. These are the lengths: body length front: 20.5" body length back: 22.8" sleeve length, from shoulder: 25.0" I also wanted this one to look and fit like a traditional biker jacket. So substantial leather, fairly cropped and enough room for layering was what I was looking for. And it came out pretty much just the way I wanted. I have a 1.5" - 2" longer glazed goat MDR, lamb MA-1 and A-2 already in rotation, so for this one I wanted something slightly different.