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Speaking of, here is the evil twin to you guys' peacoats, the TOJ Duffle coat. I'm kind of disappointed because we didn't make too many of these but they turned out really, really nice (pattern forming here)... while taking too long to make (pattern forming here also)... But nevertheless, very nice. Classical cues with our tweaked fit - slim in the sides and sleeves, structured fit. It's even got hints of that Jil-butt in the back, but that's just the weight of the fabric - it's very heavy. Heavyweight melton, real horn toggles and buttons, sateen lining, and we used this traditional Korean folk rope for the toggles that I bought for like $13/10m at a folk village touristy place, I got fleeced but couldn't find a rope I liked, lol. Also, brown calf pieces to anchor the rope toggles, which were all die-cut using a handmade die. A lot of little stuff went in this one as well.