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Krish the Fish

Yesterday was a ridiculously busy day, I had class, picked up my daypack and toj0 from the post office, had an interview, waited for hours at the doctor's office and pharmacy, and finally relaxed at the end of the day to watch "Inside Job". But here are pics of the 0 and the daypack. I had a raglan WV and I think this iteration of the 0 is the best varsity so far. Sorry about the pics, but I took them today right after I got out of lab over the clothes I was wearing to class. The daypack is interestingly not as heavy as I expected; honestly I was expecting a 6 lb bag when everyone was talking about how heavy it was (I had a saddleback and that fucker was heavy!) but this is the perfect weight for a backpack. Anyways, here are the pics. (I forgot to say, this is a black/black toj0 and that's a 13" MBP in case anyone was concerned about proportions) Sorry about the flash and the shitty iphone pics, my camera was in my other backpack (along with my kindle), which I've apparently misplaced