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Ok some first impressions with the daypack. 1. It's heavier than I expected. Well maybe heavier isn't exactly the right thought, as I don't think it'll be annoying to wear around for extended periods of time, but when holding it at first, both my friend and I commented on the heft. The suede is thicker and sturdier than I was expecting, and the leather on the bottom is really nice. 2. It's also bigger than I expected. It can easily fit my computer (15" MBP), a book, a magazine/notebook, with plenty of room for other stuff. It's not something you would take on a camping trip or anything, but it's pretty roomy. I don't think I would every carry my computer around just because it's too heavy, but if I had something light like a netbook or macbook air, I probably would. I haven't really gotten a chance to use it though, and since it's supposed to rain for the next few days I doubt I will. I also only have one mirror in my apartment and that's in the bathroom, so no pics of the bag on a human yet. Final verdict will require a few days to try it out, but I'm really impressed with it thus far.