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The placket ends this way at the bottom. The placket band itself ends about 10cm or so above the hem; because the shirt is slightly longer - you can tuck and not show this detail, it looks like a normal shirt, and then untucked, it has a bit more visual interest and the corners are mitered off to match the cuffs. The placket band on the button side is one piece (with edges folded in and under) on top of the bottom placket which is folded in and under twice cleanly, plus interfacing in there, so the feeling when you grab the placket to button the shirt is very, very substantial, it's 4 layers of fabric all stacked and stitched to each other cleanly. On the button side, it's also folded under and stitched (no more lint up inside your plackets after the wash!) so that is 2 layers of fabric, plus interfacing in there as well to give it some shape.