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once again intentionally sized up on the house fit (the last picture is to validate body length against a coat)... i think the only problem is the collar is verging on paul smith-esque at this size but i can manage that. sleeves are about 1" too long, just like all my other proper button downs off the peg fabric, buttons and overall construction are lovely and have been covered pretty well by aqhong amonst others - although if i may be permitted to grouse: 1. whoever pressed this did something weird - there are marks on the bottom placket that look like the placket was ironed on top of the buttons sewn on to another placket... hopefully these will come out in the wash (i.e. are not scorch marks) 2. the tip of the top triangle piece of the pocket is off center compared to the bottom pocket tip. it's probably not noticeable when worn but kind of freaky on the hanger this being said, i do see this as a pretty big step forward for TOJ beyond the harrington in terms of design