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Details: BCDR in medium grey lamb Drew was awesome enough to modify the button closure to be closer to the MDR (sort of a triangle) design instead of having the standard BCDR closure (which has that elongated flap thingy). I stressed a ton about shoulder measurements, but obviously it worked out perfectly. Many thanks to Drew for being so patient with me. Fit is somewhere between slim and tight without restricting movement. Sleeves haven't settled yet, so they look a little off around the upper arm in some pics. Once I've put some wear into it, I'm sure they'll settle and give some nice breakage/stacking. I conceivably could've made the sleeves a bit shorter, but if I had they'd ride up when I have my arms fully bent (also, I'm pretty sure the biceps would be too tight when fully flexed if the upper arm was smaller). This is the first time I can think of that I've really, really wished for cold weather (or at least 50s instead of 80s/90s).