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First Impressions: WV came in today, to say the least I was impressed when put in comparison to my other previous varsities (1.5 and the annivarsity). As soon as I pulled it out of the packaging I got a whiff of that brand new leather smell (like what you'd smell when stepping into a brand new car). I'm a simple kinda guy and chose to stick with a varsity I feel safe about as my go-to kinda jacket, I wanted something that was all-around and versatile in terms of aesthetics. I do apologize for having such a shitty camera atm but I hope this will do Look: Leather was buttery soft, it looked brand spankin' new. At first I was a skeptical believer of the raglan, hesitant I wont able to pull it off as nicely but of course I was wrong not taking into account of how dis' had designed the sleeves, unlike the W+H varsity (which a lot of people feel compelled to compare this too) the raglan sleeves were cut with a better curve (from armpit area to neck) rather than just that a "straight line" heading toward the neck region. Using the pockets, it's not as high as people think, the curvature of the front pocket allows for this smooth movement of placing your arms somewhere if you want that extra warmth. It feels like this jacket is impermeable to cold and probably will be able to withstand a lot. I enjoyed the sleeves as it feels much more sturdy and thick like it'll stay in it's place rather than stretch a significant amount Fit: I immediately put the jacket on and it fit just as I expected (ordered a sz 46 with a 44 body - I'm a short guy 5'6 135 lbs with a small torso I'd say so I had to compensate). What I noticed in the fit area is the thickness of the insulation its in that area where its not too thick (to the point of restricted movement) but not too thin either (well, whats the point of getting a WV if you cant stay warm). To be honest, I had no idea what the insulation would look like as we had no pictures, so i had to estimate a fair bit on how much space I should account for. Also, there's a much more stiffness added to the all around body, it feels much more stable this time and not as flimsy as before. Especially the buttons, with the added stiffness coming from the windbreaking laminate, there's a "straight-ness" that comes with the buttoning up. I have yet to test it out but I am doing so tonight when it turns 1 degree celsius as I line up for my COD:Black Ops game In all, I'm excited to test it out for the winter and I feel like I shouldnt ever check the TOJ forums or website or gallery ever again because I feel like Dis always comes out with something better than before (like any apple product) although I dont know how even he himself would be able to top this jacket